About Word For Word Audio Books

Word For Word are one of the leading complete and unabridged Audiobooks publishers in the UK and you’ll find on their website well over 400 adult fiction/non fiction titles plus an additional 175 children’s books. And the Audio Book Publishers are adding new titles each month, and all of these are exclusively available from Word for Word.

Product information How would you as an author get to publish your Audio Books? (they would  need  a photo of a few boxes with one of them open to illustrate the packaging and CD sleeves)

Audio Books - Word For Word

All are unabridged audio books and the Recordings are narrated by professional actors who are skilled in the art of storytelling and have been selected specifically for each book, and they work alongside a team of producers in purpose built studios.

In order to ensure that the books are a pleasure to own, Word For Word Audio use premium grade CD’s which are packed into soft and durable sleeves, and finally into a sturdy plastic case to maximise your enjoyment and shelf life of the book.

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